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Day of Coordination

Wedding Day Set-up

A Day-of Coordinator is a relatively new role in the wedding world, but one that can be very helpful for couples who choose to do their own wedding planning.


Typically, a wedding planner is present throughout the whole design and planning process and runs the wedding day from start to finish and thus, can be quite expensive. Alternatively, a day-of coordinator starts working with the couple a few weeks before the wedding to go over every single detail and runs the wedding day. This is perfect for couples who like to do their own planning: ordering their own items, picking their vendors and involving friends and family in the process. Nevertheless, when the wedding day arrives, couples need a little "day-of" assistance. A DOC runs the big day, keeps everyone on schedule and gives you peace of mind so that you, your family and your friends can thoroughly enjoy the day. Generally, a DOC is significantly less expensive than a wedding planner and perfect for DIY or semi-DIY couples.

Our package includes:

- Complimentary consultation

- 2-3 in-person consultations

- 1 venue visit 

- Management of vendors

- Timeline creation

- MC timeline creation

- Ceremony rehearsal and coordination

- Ensures every aspect of your event is taken care      of and runs smoothly

- 11 hours on-site day of wedding assistance

- Use of our bridal emergency kit

- Reduced rate on Past Pieces rental items


Day-of Coordination starts at $1,550 +GST. 

Please contact us for a quote.

Are you the kind of person who enjoys "do-it-yourself" projects? And as a bride or groom, you want to create something magical of your own design?

Having your hand in every last detail can be a very special and meaningful part of your big day, but you might need a little help, other than friends and family, to help nail your vision. Let us help set-up what you have created! We will set-up your

chosen items, decor and projects and thus, take the stress off of you

and your bridal party! We set it all up for you! Woo-hoo!


Our package includes:

- A team of 2-4 people

- 1-2 in-person consultations

- 1 venue visit
- Unlimited email  & phone consultations 

- Set-up of ceremony

- Set-up of cocktail hour

- Set-up of reception

- Set-up of tables & chairs

- Set-up of linens

- Set-up of all rental/decor items**

- Set-up of favors

- Set-up of centrepieces

- Set-up of hanging items**

- Set-up of cake/dessert table, guestbook table, gift table

- Set-up of entertainment (yard games, photo booth, etc.)

- Set-up direction signs

- Lighting candles

- Set-up florals (provided by you or dropped off by florist)

- Set-up seating chart & place cards

- Decorating head table or sweetheart table

**Some restrictions apply with large, heavy items or hanging items at certain heights.


Please note:

- All decorations and rental items must be on-site, boxed and labelled 

- This package does not include clean up of your wedding

- Price increases if less then 2.5 hour set up

- Room flips will be at an additional cost

- Not all details are required for every event, but we will go over this during your      


- At least 1 in-person meeting is required for this service

DIY Bridal Package/Wedding Day Set-up starts at $795 +GST.

Please contact us for a quote.

Complete Wedding Design & Decor Set-up Package

Do you know what you want but aren't quite sure where to start, design or set it up? Or do you have no idea what you want and need someone to take charge and design your perfect wedding? 

We can do that!

Full Design Package

- 1-3 in-person consultations

- 1-2 venue visits to plan your decor layout

- Unlimited Email & phone consultations

- Creation of an inspiration board to capture your custom "look"

- Use of our decor inventory*

- Incorporation of any personal decor items

- Search out vendors for additional items to complete your look

- 1 custom-built/created item to make your vision come true

(large items will incur additional costs)

- Custom signs (welcome sign / table #'s / seating chart / 2 specialty signs,

eg. hashtag or romantic quote, etc.) 

- Full set-up of your wedding

- Up to one room flip

- Clean-up of your decor

- Delivery and pick-up of our rental items

- Post-wedding storage of personal items for 2 days (max.)


Our Full Design Package starts at $8,050 + GST.

Please note additional terms below.



In order to provide you with the wedding of your dreams we have to make sure we can meet all of your unique needs. To do this, we sometimes have to bring in a larger team  and work within a tight time frame. 

- Additional charges will apply if clean-up is scheduled past 11:30pm ranging from $300 - $500.

- Additional charges will apply with a limited set-up time frame (2 hours or less).  

- Additional charges will apply for additional signs or calligraphy. Signs will be made with existing

   surfaces; additional charges will apply for new surfaces.

- Additional charges will apply for more than 1 room flip.

- Additional charges will apply if wedding is located outside the Lower Mainland.

- Harvest tables and wood garden chairs  are not included in our design packages, but can be rented at

   a discounted rate (subject to availability) if you have your heart set on a seriously amazing long table


- Your personal items will be stored at our warehouse location for a max. 2 days after your event. At

   the end of the night, the "big rush-around" starts; personal decor is hastily gathered up and

   packed into family cars, which is hectic and risky! Instead, we will take your items back to our

   warehouse and store them for up to 2 days, so that you can relax (sleep in perhaps?) on the day after

   your wedding. How nice is that?! Size restrictions may apply.

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Clean-up Service

Same day clean-up service starts at $595 + GST.

Pricing is based on weddings under 150 guests.

Weddings with more than 150 guests will require additional staff

and increased pricing.

This service includes:

A team of 2-3 people.

- 1 in-person consultation (occurs 1-2 weeks before the wedding)
- Unlimited email consultations

- General duties performed with a basic clean-up, including:

     - Careful decor condensing and dismantling (guestbook table, centrepieces,

        hanging decor, etc.).

     - Packing up rental items (linens, vases, flowers, backdrop, etc.). 

     - Breaking down tables and chairs, if applicable.

     - Boxing up your personal decor items. Boxes and packing supplies must be


     - Assistance with bringing items to the nearest exit (Please talk with us about the

        option to load items into a vehicle).


Please note:

- Event details will vary with each event; we will discuss your specific needs during your consultation.

- Additional charges will apply if clean-up service is after 11:30pm.

- Additional charges will apply if wedding occurs on a long weekend or stat. holiday.

- We do not perform janitorial duties (eg. sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms).

"My wedding was this weekend

and I have to say that I had the most

amazing wedding coordinator! Nicole and the team from Past Pieces decorated my entire reception and coordinated my whole event. Words can't express how wonderful she was. Every time someone or myself had a

question she magically appeared. Her eye for design knocked my guests' socks off! She

transformed a forest into a spectacular,

elegant space that no one wanted to leave!

When I told her I didn't want tents despite the iffy weather, she didn't panic; she created a plan to protect the tables and chairs from the

rain for as long as possible. Luckily, it only

rained for 5 minutes! Thank you Nicole for

being so calm and awesome throughout the whole process!"

- Krystal, August 2015

Photoshoot Decor

& Set Styling

In collaboration with your photographer, we will design custom photoshoots

for clients who want to live outside

the box and capture their love and

unique personalities in photos.


Pre-wedding | Family Photos

Engagement | Boudoir


Pricing starts at $500 + GST.

This service includes:

- 1 in-person consultation

- Unlimited email consultations.

- Up to 1 full truck-load of decor.

- Delivery, set design & clean-up.

Please note:

All of our pricing is based on what we consider a standard wedding (150 people or less).

Weddings over 150 people are subject to a price increase.

To ensure that we understand all of your specific wedding/event needs, 

it is best to have a discussion in-person (preferably) or over the phone so that you can tell us about your plans.

Please email us; we'd love to meet you and hear all about your special day!