Wooden Folding Chairs



We're so excited to introduce our new collection of wooden folding chairs! These chairs feature a beautiful dark stain, also known as "dark fruitwood" or "walnut wood," with white padded seats and are perfect for indoor & outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions.  


200 max. quantity | $5 each

Delivery and client pickup available.

Light-weight, easy to set-up and take-down, easy to clean.

High-quality wooden frame, contoured back and foam padded seat.

  • Chair Rental Terms & Conditions

    Delivery & pickup service is optional. Alternatively, a client may pickup and return the chairs themselves for no additional charge but must provide a damage deposit at time of pickup.

    Please indicate your preference at time of inquiry.



    • Delivery & pickup service is subject to availability.

    • Rates are for 1-truck, 1-delivery assistant and assume a location that is accessible, unobstructed, level and within approximately 100 feet of the truck’s parked location. Acceptable locations include: loading bay, grade level driveway, yard, open park, front door, lobby, porch or garage. If there are impediments such as stairs, elevators, excessive distance, steep driveways, etc. additional labour charges may apply. Please advise of possible impediments while ordering.

    • Pricing is for round-trip delivery and pick-up.

    • Deliveries and pickups are usually scheduled between 8am-11:30pm. Additional late night charge applies to any pickup scheduled past 11:30pm (e.g. 12am = extra $100; 1am = extra $200; 2am = extra $300, etc.).

      • Additional fees do not apply to pickups scheduled for following morning (e.g. Sunday morning), if allowed by venue.

    • At time of pickup, chairs must be ready to go; i.e. neatly stacked on carts and left altogether in a convenient location. If chairs are not ready or improperly stacked at the scheduled pick-up time, then $50/staff per hour will be charged to the client.

    • If no one is available to receive the delivery, then the drop-off location must be arranged and confirmed before the day of delivery. This also applies for pickups.



    • The delivery & pickup service provides “front door” drop-off service and does not include set-up and/or take-down of chairs. Set-up & take-down is an additional service with an additional charge. Please specify if this service is desired at the time of ordering.



    • If a client books delivery & pickup services, the  invoice will include an additional $100.00 refundable deposit to potentially cover any damage or cleaning fees. This deposit will be returned to the client in full if all chairs are accounted for and clean.

    • Chairs must be returned in the same condition as received. Any spills or dirt must be wiped clean before time of pickup/return. Additional cleaning fees will apply if chairs are not clean upon return. This condition applies to all orders.

    • Any missing chairs, or chairs that have been excessively damaged, will need to be replaced and the client will be charged replacement fee ($50+ per whole chair; $10+ per chair seat only). This condition applies to all orders.