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Delivery & Pickup Service

For an additional charge, you may choose to have Past Pieces deliver & pickup your rental items. 

Please note, delivery & pickup does not include any placement, set-up and/or take-down of any items. Your rental items will be delivered to a convenient, sheltered area within your event venue/location. And all items must be ready to go according to the terms in your contract at the scheduled time of pickup.

Extra charges may apply when you request:

     - Additional items/increase to your order

     - Placement of items into specific "spots"

     - Set-up of items, e.g. arches, chairs, cafe lights, etc.

     - No access to a loading zone or elevator; moving up/down stairs; any other difficult access

     - Items not ready to go or not packed properly   

     - Delivery required within a timeframe of 1 hour or less

     - Rushed delivery request (notice within 5 days or less)

     - Deliveries and corresponding pickups that take place a long weekend and/or holiday

     - Late-night pickups (see below for more info)

Client Pickup & Return

For no additional cost, you may choose to pickup & return your rental items from our warehouse.

If your event occurs on a weekend, client pickups are scheduled for Fridays and the returns on the following Monday. Please let us know if you have other circumstances; we are flexible but please note that we reserve Saturdays & Sundays for deliveries & pickups, especially during wedding season (May long - end of October). And you may send someone else to pickup & return the rental items for you.

Late Night Pickups

 Please note, any pickup scheduled past 11:30pm is subject to an additional charge (+GST):

     - 12:00am = additional $100 

     - 12:30am = additional $150 

     - 1:00am = additional $200

     - 1:30am = additional $250

     - 2:00am = additional $300 +GST

     - And so on...

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