Booking Process

1. First, browse our online inventory to find some awesome stuff for your event!


2. Next, send us an inquiry through our website (inquiry form found here). Please list the items and/or services that you're interested in.


3. Then, you will receive a response from us that includes availability info & a quote for your desired items. 


4. After your confirmation, we will send a contract & invoice back to you to book the items.

*Please note: we do not hold any items until you sign the contract AND make a payment via your invoice.


5. We will contact you 2 weeks before your event date to confirm all details about delivery or client pickup. 

Please send us your photos!

We would love to see how you used our items to create a beautiful & unique event! Please feel free to email us with your photo gallery, or just let us know who your photographer was & we'll make the connection! Photos may be shared on social media and/or our website.

Thank you so much!